How to create an

effective action plan?

October 25th,  20:00

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” — Dale Carnegie   


    People who have a goal, but take no actions, increase their success with the speed of a snail. We know from the practical approach that's the moment most of the people fail to change something about their life. It's all about changing ourselves and our habits first! So what we have to do? How can we plan and organize ourselves to achieve high performances?


    You have to know how to build a lucrative and effective Action Plan. Do you know what are the crucial elements of an effective Action Plan? How to build it? And how to develop the new habits, so you can be both: efficient and effective on your journey?


Join our 1-hour FREE webinar on October 25, at 20:00 and discover:

  • what are the elements of a successful action plan? 
  • how to build it from scratch?
  • what are the top 7 secrets to developing new habits and change your routine?


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      As we've already mentioned, we conduct this webinar for free to provide the knowledge for as many people as possible, to help them to boost their results! Therefore, if you decided to participate, please share this event with your friend and do not forget to register yourself!

      On our part, we promise that you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can do in one hour.

      And this is only 0.00011415525 part of one year of your life. Are you ready to invest such a small amount of time in yourself so your results will be lit up in a new way?    


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The webinar will take place on 25th of October, 20:00 (Stockholm time).

       Explore the power of an effective action plan in your life and change the outcome of your actions!


                                                             See you on the webinar on 25th October 2018, 8 pm!

                                   About the trainer:


Elena Ursu is the Founder of leadership accelerator "In Power Training". Since 2011 she is training and coaching people to become more effective and successful in achieving their goals, contributing to individuals development as well as international brands such as Success Resources, TechStars, Vattenfall, AIESEC, etc.


Elena had a pleasure to empower more than 5 000 people from more than 35 countries during her experience and she also is life-student in her DNA, participating at world-class known programs from Success Resources, Mindvalley Academy, Copenhagen Business School, University of California, joining programs of business trainers as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Blair Single, Andy Szekely, Robert Riopel, Radislav Gandapas, Kim Kiyosaki, Harv Eker.


She is looking forward to meeting ambitious people who want to transfer this world to a better place to live in and who are ready to lead a positive change, starting with themselves!

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