New formula of high achievements!

by Elena Ursu

I think most of us realize that success starts with our thoughts and end with our actions. The more we do - the more we learn. The more we learn- the more we understand and make our thoughts clear. What we don't realize sometimes that between actions and thoughts stand one more element. Let me present you how this element reflects in formula of success I believe in: T+F+A=R


Where, T- is thinking

F - feelings

A - actions

R - results


So, the element that is important between thought and actions is about feelings. And it's truly so.

Let me give you an example. Imagine, you have to jump with parachute for first time. First, you think how dangerous it could be and how fast your body will be falling down to the Earth and if the parachute will open or not. Second, you feel fear or excitement. Then you decide to do it or not to do. And then the formula is working backward. If you did it - you have a feeling of satisfaction and you think you become more confident and can do pretty everything. If not - you stuck with your feelings of fear that form a reaction to the thoughts about jumping with parachute as something that provokes negative stare.


In this way we observe, that all our failures start in our had. Thoughts create the worse scenario and then make us feel in a negative way, so we stop to act! Why that is important to remove your inner barriers, that reflects in believes.

For example: all reach people are cruel or dodgy, why that I don't want to be rich!

Or another example: I make very boring presentations, why that I never speak loudly about my ideas.


If you want to remove this barriers there is 2 things you can do:

1) Create your positive affirmation - opposite of non-supportive believe, - and repeat it for 1 minute in the morning when you brush your hair.

2) Make actions that are opposite to your inner believes and you will experience new feelings. As a logical continuation- will change your thought!



Make this formula of success working for your wonderful life!

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Absolutely NEW tool to define your personal Vision and Mission!

by Elena Ursu

For a very long time I have been looking for a tool that may help people to define their personal vision and mission much faster and simpler then reflective questions, that you can't put together in just one sentence of your personal vision statement or mission statement.

Have you ever find such a clear and easy tool before? If you did, I am more then exited to discover it for myself too! So, you are super welcome to share it in the comments!


Otherwise, here we go! I developed a personal tool, that reflect all my knowledge and understanding about personal vision, mission and what makes the life of every individual balanced and happy.


First, let me introduce what is it Personal Vision. And what is it Personal Mission about?


Personal Vision - is a statement that reflects what you want to be in the future. It sounds simple, but a lot of people don't know, because it seems to be a very deep question and it reflects all our believes, our wishes and our values. It inspires us to focus on what matters. If we choose the wrong things, we never really be happy or satisfied.


Personal Mission - is a statement that reflects how you will do everything and which value you bring to this world? How will you achieve the long term aspiration, your vision?


Let's give an example.

Vision statement is "I want to be the number one choice of anybody who needs consultancy in project management".

Mission statement is " To provide always better services then it is expected".


To understand your personal Vision and Mission it's important to reflect 4 different part of your well-being: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, that reflects the following things (see in quadrants):

Now, when we know, what makes our life balanced we are able to determine our mission and vision. For this we have to answer for 4 questions, that will make us clear about our 4P elements of your balanced life,(what makes us proud, feel powerful positive emotions, what we know the best, what we could be paid for.) All this 4 things could be connected somehow, but also possibly not.


These 4 questions will bring us the clarity which key elements define our vision and mission.


So, take a sheet of paper and answer for the following questions:

1. What do you want to be remarkable for? (the answer could be open. You may reflect several details)

2. What makes you feel positive?

3. What do you know to do the best?

4. What other people would like to pay you for? (Not the job, but the value you provide. The job you can always change, the value is always something people appreciate and ready to pay for)


Let's see what 4P you have by your answers:


1 Answer reflects what brings you PROUDNESS

2 Answer reflects what reflects your PASSION

3 Answer reflects what defines your PROFICIENCY

4 Answer reflects what provides you PROFITABILITY.


Now take key word from first 2 answers and make a statement that will reflect WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE?

This is your vision.


Then take key words from the last 2 answers and make a statement that reflects HOW DO YOU WANT TO ACT in order TO BECOME WHO YOU WANT?

This is your mission.





Let's have these key words from 1 and 2 answers: best trainer, efficient team management, high results, happy people.

Then we may define the following statement of personal vision: I want to become the best trainer in efficient team management field that provides high results by happy employees.


Let's take these key words from 3 and 4 answers: practical advises, strategy of effective working environment.

Then we may define the following statements of personal mission: To provide practical advises and build strategies, making working environment the most effective.


Remember, your vision and mission are long term ambitious statements. They are not your goals! Why that they don't reflect the action plan or very specific things!


Have you been able to form your vision and mission statements? I hope you have been!

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Have a balanced and happy life, thank you!

This 4 parts of wellbeing are connected to 4 elements of your balanced life, I call them 4P:


1P - Proudness. Proudness is Conected to Spiritual part of our life and reflect how proud we are about our achievements. It is connected to Spiritual part, because we always evaluate our successes to our main values or needs to matter. If in the end of your life you didn't made anything conform your values- you will feel big disappointment. Otherwise you will be very proud of achievements of your life!


2P- Passion. Passion is Connected to your Emotional part of the life and reflect your feelings, excitement and engagement level with the things you do.


3P - Proficiency. Proficiency is connected to our Mental part of wellbeing, since it gives us clarity in what we do. When You understand the best your strengths and make them work for your achievements- you know in which field.


4P - Profitability. Profitability is connected to physical part of wellbeing, because it provide you with the basic stuff you need in your life. It's hard to imagine you can live without food or not having a roof over your had. So, all these necessities we provide with this fourth P - your profitability.


Now, let's see how it looks:

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