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In Power training

is helping organizations to improve their performances, operating primarily through the analysis of existing team management problems and the strategical development of plans for the  improvement.

Consultancies may also provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, process analysis,  strategy development or corporate culture improvement services.


  • Professional assessment of your corporate culture as key factor of you employees' happiness and efficient approach for changes in business strartegies. Define you corporate vision, mission and values.

  • Provide mentoring sessions for top and middle managers regarding

- building strategy processes;

- project managemnt;

- team  performances, KPI's;

- distribution of the roles;

- team motivation;

- recruiting according strategical goals, mission and values;

- efficient communciation with people in your team;

- forming or changing the corporate culture in the company;

- building learning and developemnt processes in the company;

- leadership style;

- delegation;

- mentoring or coaching programs inside the company;

- emotional intelligence;

- goal setting in the company;

- offering an efficient feedback;

- change-making process;

- time management;

- cultural shock management.

  • Providing coaching sessions;

  • Deliver trainings and provide consultancy in learning technics and accelerated methods of development.

  • Workshop: teamwork and efficient communication. How to deal with different types of comunciators.

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