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We empower leaders to enable the full potential of their teams!

     "In Power Training" is enlightening leadership accelerator that enables leaders all around the world to develop and empower leadership skills to influence, drive a positive change and become an inspiring role-model for new generations. We have already empowered leaders from more than 25 countries to bring a positive change and improve their businesses.

    The very first step IPT highly recommend anybody who desires to become a powerful leader is to assess your leadership style and understand your leadership strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to build the most efficient leadership development strategy

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Because IPT wants to provide any single of your opportunity to start growing and developing leadership skills, no matter how old are you and what are you doing now, we offer the guide

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IPT's vision is: "We are the  most inspiring  leadership accelerator in the world!"

IPT's mission is: "We empower leaders to enable the full potential of every team"

Leaders today inspire the change of tomorrow! And the better leaders we have - the better future our society can build! We grow the new generation of leaders that care about others education and prosperity, positive working environment and develop a positive innovative future!   IPT is helping leaders with the BIG heart, to gain the power to become true life-changers! Therefore we created our community of leaders and support each member with:

      - monthly development tools in effective leadership (persuasion, communication, motivation, etc) of 35€ value

      - a monthly session of Q&A about How you can become a powerful leader of 55€ value

      - monthly newsletter about innovative tools and underdogs in leadership of 20€ values

Do you want to receive all these tools and services already now but for a very special IPT membership price? Then join our IPT leadership community and get the full package for 96% discount: 4,4

Our leadership community is our biggest value, therefore we offer an incredible value for such a price and enable you to discover your true leadership potential, becoming an inspiration for your team, family, community!

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 Interesting and creative,

because we built them according International Train the Trainers methods and tools of delivering


because they represent personal outputs of life-change principles and tools based on more then 7 years of intensive practices in  training and coaching


because we practiced them in International and local entities and boost productivity up till 50% just in 3 moths!

IPT always updates  methods of delivering, providing  accessable  tools from the best trainiers and coaches in the world, such as Brian Tracy, Robbin Sharma, Harv Eker, Robert Riopel and others.

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Public training: "Achieve your dreams"

Time: 16:00 - 18:00

Place: Impact Hub Stockholm

Public training: "Set your  goals  as a millionaire!"

Time: 16:00-19:00

Place: Impact Hub Stockholm

Public training: "The Power of Self Assessment!"

Time: 17:30-19:30

Place: Impact Hub Stockholm

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One day program: "Bring the POWER to achieve your GOALS!"

Time: 10:00-18:00

Place: Impact Hub Stockholm

Early bird tickets are availbale, klick  here for more details

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In Power Training is more then just a company. We really would like to connect ambitious people together in a very powerful community, having friend relationship with all of you, ambitious people and companies that care about employees' happiness. That is why our IPT friends have a special status - HAPPY IPT MEMBER, that get up to 50% of discount for trainings or services!






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