Personal coaching enhance your productivity faster than other methods of personal development since you find the answer according to your personal values and believes! It brings crystal clarity in your life, help to expand tremendously your zone of influence, increase your self-confidence and find the best way to achieve success!



Coaching provides outstanding results because:

a) it helps you to understand what is really important to your life.

b) it gives clarity to your priorities and goals. You focus on things that really bring outstanding results and fill your life with happiness.

c) makes you step through your mental barriers and find new solutions

d) discover your true potential and change the way you act!


     Coaching helps you to create a powerful mindset of a winner, a  culture of excellence, optimizing your life and alinging it to your personal vision, mission and values!

     There will be not a coacher true or right things, there will be you and your dreams! You and your achievemnts! You and your success!

       Great or Great?

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Your personal Coach:

     Elena Ursu, as well known as, Leo Kleo is the founder and CEO at "In Power Training".

     She has practiced different tools and technics of personal development and efficient management for more than 7 years, being part of the international brands as Success Resources, Techstar Startup Weekend, AIESEC, “Tucano Coffee Global”.

     Elena participated at world-class known programs from Success Resources, Mindvally Academy, Copenhagen Business School, University of California, joining programs of business trainers as Brian Tracy, Tonny Robbins, Harv Eker, Blair Single, Andy Szekely, Robert Riopel, Radislav Gandapas, Irina Hakamada.


Areas of coaching:

- discover your  personal values, vision and mission and align your goals with them;

- how to be more effective at the work, time management;

- how to start your day in the most efficient way and be full of energy;

- which type of activity and team role will suit you the best;

- how to expand your zone of influence and become a proactive person;

- emotional intelligence; etc.



1  hour of coaching offline = 90 €

1 hour of coaching online = 50 €

Package of 5 hours gives you 20% off the initial prise!



Phone: (+46) 76 11 555 05

Address: Luntmakargatan 25

111 37 Stockholm


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